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Look C for Social Media for Business Training

Look C are not just a social media management company, we are also a training facility.


Our training rooms and programmes are directed at small groups of 4 - 6 candidates. The courses are designed to enhance your social media business experience and help with online marketing.


One to ones and bespoke courses are available - contact us.


All the courses are held in our Bedfordshire Offices training room but we can travel and train on site if necessary.


All courses except the Taster Course lunch will be provided, however teas and coffees are served throughout the courses.


We also allow plenty of time for questions - this means as a candidate you can get the most out of the courses.



Facebook12 - 4


From start to finish looking at how Facebook can benefit your business. We will look through the terminology and making sure your profile is set up correctly before moving forward onto making a status, analytics and briefly looking at the benefits of running a Facebook Ad.





Twitter is so important to many businesses now, if you aren't on it because you don't understand it... We can help! Looking at what a hashtag is and how it will benefit you, seeing how all of their hidden gems can really help to develop your current marketing plan and not be TOO time consuming.




Is your LinkedIn profile completed with a profile picture and you've got everything filled out? We can show you all the tips and tricks to getting your profile looking amazing and also show you how to start a company page up with showcase pages... Look at what groups you can join and ultimately grow you online presence through LinkedIn





"I watch YouTube, but don't think I use it for business" ... You most certainly can! There are various ways of getting a presence on YouTube whether it be through having a video or not... Obviously having a video helps so we will show you how you can create your own video! But there are other aspects to YouTube for Business that get overlooked. This course is ideal if you would like to be involved in the second largest search engine!





This platform is very Business to Consumer orientated but slowly more and more businesses are starting to utilise this. Pictures speak a thousand words and Instagram have captured this nicely. You can take pictures and add a filter, make it look pretty and upload it. You are able to share it across some of your current Social Media platforms and also you are able to search for others also.




The key target audience for Pinterest are females, so if this is your target audience this platform is ideal. Taking it back to basics we will show you how to set up and account and using pin boards, pins, repins etc... All the terminology will be explained right at the very beginning of the course so you understand from the very start what we are talking to you about.





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"Excellent value" / "Very knowledgeable, experienced would be a pleasure to work together in the future "


"Exceptional better than I expected, learn so much" / "So much information, clever & intelligently presented" / "3 presenters very engaging"


"I want to start using Twitter & vlogs - I will also use analytics more to enhance performance"


Look C for Social Media Strategy Development

We can provide a bespoke course on how to build and get the most out of your Online Marketing Strategy using Social Media.

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